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Founded by Vaughan Pearce in 1996, Sheerwater Music is a music management, consultancy and publishing company based in the UK and Germany.

Originally set up to promote concerts and events in the folk/acoustic music genre, it soon started providing the overseeing of CD manufacturing, distribution, mail order, on-the-road merchandising, promotional and other services to the well-known UK band ‘SHOW OF HANDS’. In 2001 Sheerwater Music then took over full management responsibility for the band, covering all aspects of the business up to 2017.

Since then Sheerwater have taken on the sub-publishing in the UK for German label Steeplejack Music, run by Neil Grant. This was swiftly followed by becoming the management team for the folk/Americana duo ‘HANNAH SANDERS & BEN SAVAGE

Contact (UK)

Vaughan Pearce
Tel: +44 7798 840203

Contact (Germany)

Neil Grant
Tel: +49 2246 9257611